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version 2.6.16 Uploaded 2014-03-19 (Downloaded 0 times)
Improves error messages when importing xml (default colors for variables). Also adds GCM history

2.6.15 Uploaded 2013-08-27 (Downloaded 91 times)
Fixes Out of Memory issues

2.6.14 Uploaded 2013-07-28 (Downloaded 82 times)
Updated ACRA settings to use new backend

2.6.13 Uploaded 2013-06-21 (Downloaded 82 times)
Corrected a bug with the new local networking that when navigating to the global settings activity, if wifi was turned off, a crash would occur

2.6.12 Uploaded 2013-06-21 (Downloaded 70 times)
Corrected local networking and configuration setting checker

2.6.11 Uploaded 2013-06-20 (Downloaded 79 times)
Updated ACRA to version 4.5

2.6.10 Uploaded 2013-06-16 (Downloaded 70 times)
Fixed some internal networking issues where local SSID was not recognized as being connected

2.6.08 Uploaded 2012-11-11 (Downloaded 151 times)
Corrected some crashes in the AppWidgetProvider and PageListActivity classes

2.6.07 Uploaded 2012-10-04 (Downloaded 134 times)
Corrected the GCM device registration which I accidentally broke in 2.6.06

2.6.06 Uploaded 2012-10-01 (Downloaded 116 times)
Fixing an Index OOB problem in PageListActivity, UpdateSingleRow method

2.6.05 Uploaded 2012-09-19 (Downloaded 133 times)
Allows for images greater than the screen size.

2.6.04 Uploaded 2012-09-16 (Downloaded 125 times)
Fixed a null pointer exception in the Application Server http execute code

2.6.03 Uploaded 2012-09-15 (Downloaded 114 times)
Added autoexec feature. When a page loads, and it has an action with the major label "_autoexec", that action will be executed automatically

2.6.02 Uploaded 2012-09-10 (Downloaded 144 times)
Added the device id to the About screen

2.6.01 Uploaded 2012-09-09 (Downloaded 146 times)
Revised the device id to an eight-character random salt. Updated some preference setting logic.

2.6.00 Uploaded 2012-09-04 (Downloaded 128 times)
Moved GCM settings to global settings; changed application server to new app engine server

2.5.03 Uploaded 2012-09-01 (Downloaded 117 times)

-- Corrected a null pointer exception when editing variable value settings due to a ringtone that has been deleted.

-- Added more debugging lines to figure out why GCM registration isn't working for some devices

-- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if the screen was rotated while reloading menus

-- Corrected incorrect message when storage directory was created yet message indicated it hadn't

-- Added haptic and visual feedback to image screen.

-- Added extra logging messages on GCM registration

2.4.00 Uploaded 2012-07-26 (Downloaded 151 times)
Added a new feature allowing user-configurable colors for all page objects

2.3.05 Uploaded 2012-07-24 (Downloaded 148 times)
Corrected a bug where the _widget page was not being created as expected

2.3.04 Uploaded 2012-07-24 (Downloaded 152 times)
Corrected a bug in widgets that caused them to not respond to clicks after rotating the screen

2.3.03 Uploaded 2012-07-15 (Downloaded 138 times)
Corrected some configuration elements that were not properly handling return keys

2.3.02 Uploaded 2012-07-07 (Downloaded 137 times)
Fixed a permission problem preventing widgets from executing

2.3.01 Uploaded 2012-07-06 (Downloaded 135 times)
Possible fix for tablets running ICS that cannot get an options menu

2.3.00 Uploaded 2012-07-06 (Downloaded 136 times)
Converted to Google Cloud Messaging. Also corrected a bug in the DBAdapter class.

2.2.04a Uploaded 2012-06-29 (Downloaded 141 times)
Correcting a bug in the CommonActivity getObjectAtIndex method

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