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This project is being discontinued due to the unreliability of the free espn sports feeds. Sorry. It just didn’t work out.

This is a growl application that will periodically get live sports scores from an ESPN feed and send them to Growl for notification on your desktop. The feeds (list available here: cover many sports. Since many of those sports are not currently in season, I can’t write the parsers for them and test them. But I will once they come in season. In the meantime, have fun with the Major League Baseball notifications. I do not know how these will work once the playoffs start, but I will be sure to test them and update them as quickly as possible if there are any issues. By the way, I tried getting the NASCAR feeds to work, but I could never get any data from them. If anyone knows of a good ESPN feed for NASCAR, I can tried to write a growler for it.

The requirements for this program are 1) you must have Growl for Windows installed. You must also have .NET ver 4.0 (client) installed. The installer will check for .NET, but it will not check for Growl. Using the .msi installers will be the easiest installation for most people, but if you want to do a manual installation, just grab the zip file, extract the SportsScoresGrowler.exe, Sports_ico.ico, and the two growl dll files and place them in a folder of your choice. Then create a folder in your %APPSETTINGS% folder called “SportsScoresGrowler”. That is where the settings files will be placed. For instance:


If you do not create that folder yourself, the application should create it for you, but you will see a couple of warnings about default settings being used. No biggie.

Known bugs with the latest version (ver 1.0.0): None so far!

Release notes:

Version 1.0.0 (10 Aug 2011) Initial release.


Removed 1 Jan 2012

ESPN Feeds

NEWShttp://www.espn.comLinkLooks promising
NFL data URL
MLB and working in ver 1.0.0
NCAA Football (NCF) data URL
GOLF in line for ver 1.1.0
Auto Racing (RPM) seems empty??? Need a different data URL??
NCAA Men's Basketball (NCB) data URL
NCAA Women's basketball (NCW) Data URL
International Soccer (INTLSOC)http://soccernet.espn.go.comLinkUntested
UK Soccer (UKSOC)
European Soccer (EUROSOC)
List of live sports feeds from ESPN. Updated 8/11/2011
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