PowerHome Connector for Android Usage Instructions


Usage instructions for the PowerHome for Android app.
After installing the app and running it for the first time, you will get a message stating that the mainmenu was not found. There must be a menu named precisely “mainmenu”, which will be the default menu to be shown when starting the app. In general, when you leave the app and come back to it, it should return to the last page viewed. But after reboots or extended periods of time, the app will want to start on the main menu. Therefore, you must have one menu named “mainmenu”.

Initial screen after starting app:

After Clicking the “Open Configuration Editor”, you will be presented with this screen.

After reading the dialog, press the back arrow to dismiss it.

Begin by editing the global settings. Click the top button to get started.

Global Settings

Edit Pages

Edit actions

Edit Pagelinks

Edit Variables

C2DM Settings


Backup all settings

Restore backup

Sending C2DM messages from PowerHome

Editing XML backup files (optional, advanced topic)

Other tips, tricks, and shortcuts

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