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I am happy to help you if you have problems. Please post your question in the comments under any of the PHCA pages (including this one), or send me an email If you do post a comment on a page here, you should probably “subscribe to comments” so you will know when a new comment is posted.

I may ask you to send a logcat. WARNING!!! A log will probably contain server addresses, usernames & passwords. Feel free to look through the log before sending it to me and delete any personal information that you don’t want me to see. Although, in some situations, it can be helpful for me to have that information. I promise I will not do anything bad with that information. We are all working towards a common goal and I just want the app to work for you.

How to send a logcat

1. Get a logcat viewing app from the Google Play store. I am fond of catlog (free), but there are others.

2. Reproduce the error.

3. Exit from phca and open catlog

4. Search for the string “phca”

5. Save filtered log. As I said above, there will be some private information in there, such as usernames and passwords for your PowerHome server. Feel free to look for them and comment them out, or just send it as is. I promise I won’t do anything bad with them.

6. Send me the filtered log.

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  1. Hi Skip,

    Thanks so much for this app. This is really a great addition to PH. I was wondering if you can help pointing out what I’m doing wrong here because can’t seem to get it to work with my PH server. Let me start by saying that I have no experience with programming or anything related to that. This is just a hobby and, usually, I like to figure things out myself but this one got me. So, what I’ve done so far was install the app on my Sony Ion and then setup global settings. Tests are showing “OK” from both inside and outside the network. So far so good. Next step was to setup an action item that runs a macro and turns on a light. This is the part where I get stuck. PH log shows the message sent from my Phone but i get no reaction from PH and on my phone i get the following message:

    500 Server Error
    500 Server ErrorMethod FORMULA
    Authorization: not supported by server.
    Payload = 500 Server Error
    500 Server ErrorMethod FORMULA
    Authorization: not supported by server. (ph_macro(TEST))
    onPostExecute() (ph_macro(TEST))
    varname is not null. Setting surrent value for None to 500 Server Error
    500 Server ErrorMethod FORMULA
    Authorization: not supported by server. (ph_macro(TEST))

    It is probably some obvious setting in my PH server that creates this error.

    Your help on this is much appreciated

    Thanks a lot for your time and for your great work on this app.


  2. One quick note. The formula I’m sending is ph_macro(‘TEST’).


  3. Hi Skip,

    Don’t waste your time trying to answer my question. I figured there was a problem with my router. Works fine now. I’ll let you know of any bugs.


  4. No problem. Glad you got it worked out! Let me know if you need any other help.

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