PHCA Restore from Backup


If you have an xml backup file (stored automatically in your /sdcard/phca directory when you create the backup) then you restore those settings when you choose “Restore Backup” from the main configuration menu. Note that any current configuration will be gone after restoring a backup, so consider making a backup first before restoring a different backup. Note that there is no way to manage backup files (such as deleting old, unwanted backup files). To do that you will need to connect your phone to your computer and do it using windows Explorer.

Note that you can edit your xml file with a standard text editor and then try to restore that backup. This is considered an advanced technique because you will have to know xml quite fluently. Also, the error checking for restored xml files is not as good as the error checking in place when you use the phca GUI to edit your configuration. In other words, you can make a mess of your installation if you are not careful. That being said, I do offer documentation on the xml syntax, which should help you if you want to edit your menus this way.

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