PHCA Action Commands

As mentioned on the Editing Action help page, an action can execute as many commands as you want. This is done by adding more “action commands” to an existing action. Action commands have many of the same features and options as regular actions, so this should be a bit of a refresher. However, action commands cannot have sliders or text boxes (action parameters) and action commands cannot have pop-up dialog boxes showing the server response.

The first option is for the command name. This is just a label that you give to identify this command. For instance, “Get arm status”. This is a required setting.

The next setting is for the variable that you want updated with the server response. Just like the auto-update variable for the action. You can also choose “none” if you don’t want to store any server responses (such as if your command was to shut the garage door).

The network settings are exactly the same as the actions.

When you are done editing the action command, press the save button at the bottom.